Brighton House Clearance
and Rubbish Disposal

Throughout Brighton and Sussex

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Brighton House Clearance provide a full and complete property clearance and asset disposal service throughout Sussex and the South East that includes:

  • Full and Part House Clearances
  • House and Domestic Property Clearances
  • Commercial, Retail and Industrial Property Clearance
  • Weee Collections and Disposal, with full asset tracking
  • Rubbish Removal and Disposal
  • Clean and Clears
  • Asset Disposal
  • Stock Liquidation

Offering a complete solution for all your waste needs. Small or large, Brighton House Clearance have the knowledge and experience to respond to YOUR needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and if its not on the website, ask, as we may be able to assist.

Property Clearances:

A property clearance can be carried out to remove just a few items, or the complete removal and disposal of all items within a building. Brighton House Clearance provide a quick and professional clearance service, ensuring that a majority of items are sent to be reused or recycled. We keep our lead times as low as possible, to ensure that when you agree to use us for your clearance, we can respond within a few days to start the clearance. Some days we can even start same or next day.

Brighton House Clearance can (and do) remove just about anything from domestic properties. There are a few restrictions on what we cannot remove, and this includes asbestos, certain chemicals and medical waste. Everything else, is removed. This would include all the rubbish, dirty damaged and stinky items, beds, mattresses, carpets, curtains, old food, appliances and just about anything else!

House Clearance Brighton

When we clear properties, we can also provide a cleaning service when complete, making it easier for the owners to market the property. This is an additional service, and needs to be booked at the time of the clearance. With this we will sweep, hoover and wipe just about everything. Its amazing how much dust a clearance can kick up, especially when we start pulling up carpets. The cleaning service helps to get rid of most of that.

Booking us for your Brighton house clearance is a simple process. Either contact us by telephone, or email. If it’s a bigger job, we can arrange a time to come and view, and give you the most accurate quote possible. Or if you can email us pictures, we can quote from them. Typically, we have less than 7 days lead time, to complete the Brighton house clearance. Our aim is to keep the process as simple as possible, and if you can’t be there, we can upload pictures of the clearance in progress to a secure online area, so you can track our progress through the job.

Brighton House Clearance

We can normally empty void properties within a couple of days

Void Property Clearance:

Working with landlords, agents and housing associations, Brighton House Clearance can clear void properties of all the rubbish that tenants have left behind. With the ability to respond quickly, and very competitively priced, we can leave the properties empty and ready for the next tenant.

We know that sometimes tenants hoard items, and don’t treat properties very well, and then abandon them, or have them repossessed. We can step in and relieve a lot of stress by clearing the property and leaving you with a blank canvas, ready to start again. Brighton House Clearance have seen it all, and nothing turns us away.

Contact Brighton House Clearance today and get a free, no obligation quotation!

Commercial Clearances:

Its not just houses and domestic properties that Brighton House Clearance clear. We can also clear retail, office, light industrial and other commercial properties. This includes the removal of almost everything, and leaving the property ready to be re-let or sold. To use our commercial clearance service, contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Brighton House Clearance can clear all retail premises including shops and trade counters, and remove almost everything that is left behind. This includes all the rubbish, shop displays and kitchen items. We can leave retail premises empty and ready for the next tenant to move into with a blank canvas. This service is ideal for individual landlords and corporate owners.

Light industrial units and small warehouses can also be cleared, that would include all areas including offices and staff welfare areas. We are able to remove and reuse or recycle racking in warehouses, machinery and abandoned stock. Offices can be totally cleared and many of the items can be reused. This would include all the chairs and desks, filing cabinets, computer and IT equipment and stationary that is left behind.

Asset Disposal:

Liquidating assets from companies or individuals through a variety of methods. This may be a buy out by us, split disposal, or onsite auctions. If this is for overstock items, on behalf of liquidators or just a change of direction, we can assist. We ensure that the best price possible is achieved for the goods, and our years of experience tell us what is worth liquidating, and what isn’t.
We can dispose of just about anything, and everything! Contact us for more details and to find out what our very competitive rates are.

Brighton House Clearance:

We work throughout Sussex and Kent, clearing properties in Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton, Uckfield, Horsham, Tunbridge, Ashford, Ramsgate and just about anywhere in between. We have the ability to respond in just a few days, and quotes can often be conducted within 24 hours.

If you’re not in the areas above, do still contact us, as we may still be able to help. We can provide a full UK service, but focus our efforts in the South East, especially Kent and Sussex.

How we quote:

All Brighton House Clearance quotations are free, and have no obligation attached to them.

When we quote, we take into account how much it will cost us to remove all the rubbish, and anything that would be donated. We also take into account if there is anything we could sell, and how much we would achieve for this. We then minus this gain, from the cost, and we’re left with the quotation price.¬† This allows us to give you the best value quotation we can for your Brighton house clearance.

Our quotes are provided the same or next day, and can be sent via email or over the phone.

What happens to everything we remove:

At Brighton house Clearance we don’t like sending items to landfill, its expensive and not good for the planet, so we reuse or recycle as much as we possible can. If anything has a worthwhile value to it, we will send to auction, or seek a private sale.

For items that are usable, but hold little value, these will be donated to charities or organisations that can use them. This is what happens to things like DVDs, blankets, towels etc. They have no commercial value to us, but other agencies can use them.

The rubbish is split into its various component parts, and recycled. With whatever is left over, that can’t be recycled or reused is sent for fuel from waste, meaning we send next to nothing to the landfill.

Brighton House Clearance are a fully insured, licensed house clearance company. Employing local people, and contributing to the local community.